Service Agreements

We are always looking for better and more efficient ways of serving our customers! To fulfill this goal, we offer premium service plans in two different categories.

Pro Shield for Heat and Air Conditioning

Silver Membership

  • Free spring startup special, includes Freon pressure test, test all electrical, physical inspection of the indoor unit and filter, physical inspection of outdoor unit, blower inspection, and outdoor coil cleaning.
  • 10% discount on all repairs and major equipment replacement.
  • Only 17.95/month

Gold Membership

All the benefits of the Silver Club, PLUS:

  • Fall furnace start-up and safety inspection; gives you 2 scheduled equipment services per year to protect your system, extend its life, and gain peak energy efficiency.
  • Includes a FREE filter on each start-up (spring and fall) and a FREE 1lb. of refrigerant per season! (a $283 value!)
  • 10% discount on all repairs a nd major equipment replacement.
  • Only 25.95/month

Platinum Membership

All the benefits of the Silver and Gold Club, PLUS:

  • Full free replacement of over 30 parts on your heating and A/C system that are likely or common to fail. As a Platinum Member your equipment will be covered for both Parts and Labor. Some of the parts covered are: belts, blower motors, capacitors, circuit boards, condensate pumps, contactors, hard start kits, pressure switches, relays, thermostats, and valve cores!
  • One UNLIMITED refrigerant fill per year.
  • No deductibles or labor charges.
  • Only 49.95/month

Pro Shield for Plumbing

  1. You get a 25% discount on repairs! As a member of "The Pro Shield", you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of any unadvertised specials we offer. What's more, you get a whopping 25% discount should you ever need us for any plumbing repair. And you get a full 2 year guarantee on any and all repairs and replacements. No other plumber in the book will give you great specials and service like that!

  2. $200 in FREE service! Once a year, a member of my expert plumbing team will give your home a throrough inspection, scheduled service and FREE plumbing system adjustments including all connected equipment. The complete list includes up to 373 different items... a $200 value alone!

  3. Your membership is free for 30 months! First, your membership is only $7.95 per month for the first 30 months, your accumulated monthly dues are credited toward any future service or product you purchase. For example: If you've been a member for two years, you h ave accumulated more than $190. If you want a new faucet or need a new water heater or service you can credit 100% of your membership dues you've paid toward the purchase or service cost. In other words, your membership as well as the preceding three benefits cost you nothing... you can't lose!

  4. You go to the front of the line! As a member of "The Pro Shield" you'll go to the front of the line and to the top of our appointment book if you ever need plumbing service. You'll never wait more than 2 hours for our team of experts to arrive at your home. 1 hour service from 8am to 5pm and 2 hour service from 5 pm to 8am.

Our promise... As a member of "PRO SHIELD" your home is protected from the annoyance of leaky faucets, clogged toilets and broken water lines. If a problem does occur, you'll go to the top of our service list. You will be priority service protected every hour of every day from water damaging plumbing emergencies. If you move within our market area, you may transfer your club membership to your new home or it can be transferred to the new owner.